TV Interview On Education Reform

A short interview that I gave to ITV Anglia on 4th April 2013 regarding the government’s plans to repeal Section 444/6 of the 1996 Education Act, which I believe will have a devastating impact on the children of Travelling Showmen families.

Due to copyright issues I cannot embed the video here, but you can watch the report by Natalie Gray on the ITV Anglia website here.

As this was my first television appearance I was rather nervous, but Natalie and cameraman Seb were very understanding and keen to put me at ease. It was very interesting to see how a broadcast package is put together, given that all my previous experience has been with written media.

I was surprised by the efficient turnaround time, as the process felt leisurely and unrushed. I was contacted the previous evening, we met today at 11:30,  we went out to film at about 1:00, and my piece was over by 1:30. The piece was put together, edited, and out on air at 6:00. I gather that this is a relatively leisurely turnaround in television terms, but I found it  fascinating to see it go from an idea to a completed broadcast piece in a few short hours!

Text below from ITV:

“A young woman who swapped a job on her mother’s candyfloss van for a place at Cambridge University has hit out at government plans to stop children from travelling circuses and fairs being educated on the road.

Currently the children are registered at one school and keep that place even while touring.

The government wants to close the legal loophole that allows show people to educate their children on the road meaning they’d be expected to attend school every day.”



Zoah Hedges-Stocks is a journalist looking for opportunities in digital journalism in London. She read History at Cambridge University, where she was twice Editor-In-Chief of The Cambridge Student. She is currently writing a dreadful novel, and is keen to take on any freelance writing assignments that you might like to throw her way. Twitter: @zoah_hs

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