Crane collapse near Providence Tower in Docklands

A crane snapped in half near the Providence Tower development in Docklands this afternoon leaving one workman with serious head injuries. 

Fire crews attended the incident this afternoon when the crane partially fell, with paramedics retrieving the trapped man and sending him ‘as a priority’ to the Royal London Hospital.


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Man with hairy back posts advert offering £20 to shave it

A Romeo who wanted his back shaved before a ‘hot date’ posted an advert online offering £20 to anyone who could do the job.

The shaggy Casanova was looking for a stranger to visit his home in central London to groom him before the mane event.

The anonymous advert on the internet forum Reddit offers cash for the extremely odd job and estimated that it would take less than half an hour.


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Detox for fish turned pink by neglectful owner’s Skips-only diet

A tropical fish has been put on a diet by staff at the Sea Life London Aquarium – after her previous owner fed her on prawn cocktail Skips.



Her junk food lifestyle hadn’t just left her green around the gills – she had turned pink from the colouring in the crisps.

But now staff have put her on a healthy diet of grapes and bananas, she is back to her natural shade of grey.

Gerty the Gourami fish was given to the aquarium when, at 16 inches long and 9lb, she grew too big for her owner’s tank.

Sea Life London now has a whole display dedicated to “tank-busters” – fish donated by private owners after they grew too big for their homes.

Curator Jamie Oliver said: “I have never heard of a fish being fed crisps.

Gouramis usually eat a diet of fruit and vegetation but fortunately Gerty doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill effects from her unhealthy addiction. However, we would not recommend feeding fish crisps of any kind.”

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The solution to sky-high train fares?

f you’re fed up with high train fares, there’s now a way to get cheaper tickets – take the train with a friend.

This morning sees the launch of the first new railcard for 30 years, which will give two people a third off the cost of rail travel for a year, provided they travel together.

The Two Together card costs £30 and can be used after 9.30am on weekdays, and at any time on weekends and bank holidays. It is available to any two people aged over 16.

Canny commuters who travel after 9.30am could pair up with a colleague to buy a card and significantly reduce the cost of their journeys to and from work.

Two commuters who travelled from Woking to London would normally pay a combined fare of £167 a week. With the Two Together card, they could make a combined saving of £55.66 a week, more than recouping the £30 cost of the card.

The discount only applies when the two people named on the card travel together. If tickets are booked with the Two Together card, then the two people do not travel together on the same train, the tickets become invalid.

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Hostel where sex-crazed guests ‘masturbated out of a window’ denied licence

A hostel where backpackers allegedly masturbated out of a window has been refused an alcohol licence.



Neighbours of the Journey’s Hostel near King’s Cross said guests regularly kept them awake at night and have been seen urinating in gardens and having sex on a roof.

It requested permission to sell drink as late as midnight but Islington Council threw out the application this week after a flurry of complaints.

One person living near to the Caledonian Road hostel, who asked not to be named, described the ‘stressful reality’ of the ‘sleep deprivation and nuisance’ caused by guests’ sex-crazed antics.

They said: “Guests repeatedly climb out of the bedroom windows onto the low-level roof to smoke, drink alcohol, play music and dance with the utmost disregard for people trying to sleep.

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“They are often seen urinating into our gardens too and even brazenly have sex.”