NOTE: This page only shows work up to the spring of 2014. I am in the process of updating it (June 2016).


A small selection of some of my published work.

Work with London24:

The world’s most spectacular marathons

Where to watch the Boat Race 2014

Order in da house: the best and worst politicians turned rappers – VIDEO

Islington couple celebrate same-sex marriage with street party

Body of missing Putney man Marc Hutton pulled from Thames

Passengers’ shock after 11-year-old girl falls onto Hammersmith train track

Escaped snake on the loose in Goldhawk Road, west London

Hostel where sex-crazed guests ‘masturbated out of a window’ denied licence

Order In Da House: The best and worst politicians turned rappers

Gigantic ‘Ratzilla’ terrifies family after feasting on leftovers – PICTURES

Students break into VC’s office and leave sweary note

Paddington hawk gets passengers all a flutter

Man with hairy back posts advert offering £20 to shave it

Detox for fish turned pink by neglectful owner’s Skips-only diet

The solution to sky-high train fares?

Crane collapse near Providence Tower in Docklands

Alternative Tube maps: Jimmy Choo-dge Street and CAnnada Wintour?

Work with The Independent

Immigration centre relocates 150 people after ignoring fire warning

Family links Spanish F1 driver Maria de Villota’s death to Cambridgeshire crash

Coming soon to a screen near you: the new Poliakoff drama

From fighter jets to Google Glass: Head-up displays make the jump to mainstream gadgets

Work with The Telegraph

How selling candy floss led Zoah Hedges-Stocks to a first-class degree from Cambridge

Supermoons, satanists and grisly deaths on Dartmoor: police review cases of animal sacrifice after foal is found mutilated in apparent ritual slaughter

The Apprentice In Numbers

Royal baby due: fans camp outside hospital to await arrival

News stories with The Cambridge Student

Wolfson college don under fire over homophobic video

Liars: international newspaper falsely accuses TCS of being the mouthpiece for a racist cambridge university

Brave beyond belief right to the end: Clare student remembers friend through charity bike ride

Dirty Money: Did the Russian Mafia profit from Cambridge college investment?

Cambridge University rocked by twist in child porn scandal

Cambridge Court rules on drunken prank that ended in horrific injury 

Fur flies as councillors back animal rights protestors

Occupation at the University of Cambridge

Front page news stories with The Cambridge Student

Fraud front page Zoah Hedges-Stocks

Michael Moore front page Zoah Hedges-Stocks

Luminar front page Zoah Hedges-Stocks


Loch Fyne review

Revolution cocktail bar review

Clarisonic: is it worth the buzz?

Hidden Cambridge columns for The Cambridge Student

How ankle-twisting Hobson’s Conduit brought town and gown together

Dinosaur-hunting in Jesus College

Zoah Hedges-Stocks meets the world’s largest spider

The mysterious Bull College, and why we say ‘maudlin’ instead of ‘Magdalene’

Why Cambridge is so called…

Medieval prostitutes and pornography

Hidden Oxford!

Architectural crap and literal crap

Sidney Sussex, prison, death and silly hats

Corpus Christi’s obscene unicorn

Prince Edward, flashing, and the most shocking band in England

Greener grass: how a lawn caused panic at Jesus

Reality Checkpoint: Cambridge’s most famous lamp-post

Columns with Cambridge First

September 29th 2011 – A Home Away From Home

October 6th 2011 – Choosing The New Chancellor

October 20th 2011 – Is Our Safety Not Worth £150k?

October 27th 2011 – ‘We’re treated like children’

November 3rd 2011 – Petty Thieves At University

November 17 2011 – Remembering Their Sacrifice

February 2nd 2012 – Nothing Wrong With A Bit Of Fun

February 9th 2012 – Charlie The ‘Bin Man Busker’ Hits The Right Note With Me

February 23rd 2012 – Goodbye To The City I Love


Life On Mars – the bizarre stories behind mass-market chocolate

How I time-travelled to the sixties for Vintage Life

Village Of The Year competition sees Essex’s small communities celebrated

The myth of ‘town vs gown’ – comment piece on a The Cambridge Student news story

All The Fun Of The Fair – 2,000 word feature on my family history

Behind The Beard – Interview with a Father Christmas impersonator


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